From: Slam Philippines

Sean Anthony:Powerade Tigers

Aren't you just flabbergasted when a destructive offensive force like Gary David, or an insanely accurate shooter like Jvee Casio, is left open for an easy lay-up or a shot from Caidic Country? You can blame opposing defenses for that; but when Powerade's super scorers get unshackled, it also shows that Sean anthony is playing his role to the hilt.


"the way our offense is run, I set a lot of screens to free up our scorers," Sean says, "When they draw attention. I spot up for open shots."


After struggling in his rookie year, the 6th overall pick in 2010 has finally found his niche in the Tiger's Offense this season, averaging 10 points a game (over 26 minutes of rubber burn) by finding unmanned areas, running hard in transition, and scavenging like Freddie Abuda (2.7 offensive rebounds per game).


The 6-4, 205 pound power forward explains that Coach Bo Perasol's offensive sets allow him to still play like a gaurd easing him into his new role this year. Sean admits that he's still having a hard time matching up with heftier and stronger bigs in the PBA. But according to Tigers Assistant Coach Charles Tiu, Sean has been pumping a lot of iron and putting the time in to keep up.


"His work ethic is really admirable" Charles says, "Sean is one of our hardest workers and is always one of the last to leave the gym. He is just working hard to improve his game."


Sean is bereft of size to play the 4, but he has more than made up for this by bringing the same effort he puts in the gym to the floor. So when bigger forwards and centers try to take advantage, even hitting him with cheap shots, they always find out that they should try harder next time- or just don't try at all- because Sean Anthony just turns the other cheek and comes back together. He ends up outworking and outplaying them, going hard on every play.

Sean wears his hard hat. He brings his lunch pail. Every damn day. - ROBI RAYA